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Self-actualization quiz
Take the Human Actually self-actualization quiz to better understand yourself and identify areas of your life where your needs aren’t being met.
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Take the Human Actually self-actualization quiz to better understand yourself and identify areas of your life where your needs aren’t being met.  

Each one of us has the ability to self-actualize. We want to emphasize that we are all on our own unique paths to self-actualization and this journey looks differently for each person because of our own life experiences, identities, and circumstances that are often created by the society and systems that we live in. Sometimes it is our individual responsibility to overcome certain barriers in life. Oftentimes, especially for people with marginalized identities, those barriers are implemented by an unjust system. The purpose of this quiz is to initiate a step towards understanding what types of barriers you may be facing in your own path to self-actualization as well as a collective self-actualization.  

If you’re seeking support in overcoming some barriers to fulfilling areas of human needs, we’ve created a list of resources within the Deaf community and beyond that you may find helpful. Remember that self-actualization is a lifelong process and we can—and should—lean on each other to find fulfillment, individually and collectively. 

This quiz content was adapted into ASL using the content developed by Expectation Gaps in consultation with National Deaf Therapy. This quiz is not an accredited assessment and is not a not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

For more information about The Expectation Gaps, visit their website here.

For more information about National Deaf Therapy, visit their website here.